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Cool tools for vocab

Words.  Can’t get around to learning them, can’t talk without them.  As Ron Weasley would say ‘Dead annoying, really’.  Learners have to make an effort to learn words, which means … Continue reading

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Better business writing – the executive summary

Getting adult learners to write can be a bit of a challenge. Let’s face it, they have all kinds of hangups from school. Getting them to face those demons and … Continue reading

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7 Obsessions – a business listening lesson

This is a great little video for business learners.  The pace is challenging, but with the comprehension worksheet and information exchange provided, it will be accessible to students with an … Continue reading

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Negotiating a raise … in a fun way

Those of us who work freelance encounter this topic for ourselves first hand.  Our students do too of course, and many have more room for manoeuver when it comes to … Continue reading

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Using Articles with Evernote

Mention that you teach conversation classes, and people automatically think of press articles.  And it is true that some of the best lessons have been conducted using a trusty newspaper clipping which … Continue reading

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Saying the right thing

Not making an arse of oneself is a bread-and-butter issue for learners of any language.  However there is more to this topic than merely correcting vocabulary, and the meatier question … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know …

It goes with the territory, but I love anything about languages.  It just so happens that Jeff Haden who writes for ‘inc magazine’ also finds them fascinating, and has produced … Continue reading

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Supplementing the gallery experience …

Check out this fascinating video from TED, for art lovers and techies alike. For students who are having trouble with the pace of the commentary, you can go to TED … Continue reading

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‘I voted’?

Frank Zappa tried and failed to get the youth of America to go out and vote against republican Ronald Reagan… but maybe Facebook will succeed in getting a generation of … Continue reading

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Solar trees?

The ‘Daily Good’ has come up trumps again – Pure gold, ladies and gentlemen.  For sheer entertainment, I invite you to have a look at the items on this project.  … Continue reading

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