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Easy online content, luxury hotel video

Today I’d like to suggest a video clip as a starting point for a lesson for lower intermediate students.  It’s an advertisement for an incredibly luxurious hotel in Dubai – many students will have plenty to say on that subject alone.  The pictures are spectacular, the production impeccable, and the commentary is beautifully clear and correct.

I suggest starting off with some discussion of holidays.  Where have students been?  Have they ever been to such-and-such a place etc.  Obviously, this is a perfect opportunity to revise the past simple & present perfect.  I would also take the chance to review superlatives – the worst, the hottest, the most expensive …

Then I have written some comprehension questions which may lead to further conversation.  Beyond that, I have found that this type of clip is really great for practising note-taking.  In this particular case, the slow commentary gives people time to think and contains some written information with large numbers at the end.

You can find the clip here ;


1. What was the inspiration for the exterior design ?

2. Describe the interior..

3. Why is this hotel unusual (according to the advertisement) ?

4. Describe the facilities in the suites..

5. What choices do you have for your ‘dining experience’ ?

6. Why is the hotel described as ‘surreal’ ?

7. If you stayed in this hotel, where do you think you would spend the most time ?

8. The hotel has ‘stunning venues’. What type of customer would use them ?

9. Do you agree that it is a ‘wonder of the world’ ?

10. What do these numbers refer to ? 250, 9 000, 43 000, 13 000, 12 000, 32 000, 1 500, 1 200,


Photo credit; everystockphoto.com


About Catherine Kennedy

Second year undergrad (super-mature) at Sheffield Uni doing single honours Religion, Theology, and the Bible. (Formerly TEFL teacher in France)

5 comments on “Easy online content, luxury hotel video

  1. ijkblogger

    Another great idea. How do I go about do the guest blog for you. I’ve signed up to WordPress. ijk

    • Catherine Kennedy

      a. I’m glad you like it.
      b. Excellent question. I’ll get back to you!

  2. k. liz

    This is a great activity! I especially love your ideas for asking where the students would spend most of their time.

    It would also be interesting to have them role-play different jobs there. How does the importance of the job (steward, waiter, receptionist, owner, businessman, tourist) change the language and the feel?

    Great lesson idea, thanks!!

    • Catherine

      I like your idea of thinking about the type of language. Interesting. The more you think about all the work that goes into these places, the more possibilities there are. I was thinking that it would be fun to get adults to think up recruitment ideas as well – they would want the best staff in the world, so they would have to come up with the best employment package, right? (or wrong, but it might be a fun idea)

  3. Catherine Kennedy

    If you’re feeling inspired to do follow-up the hotel can easily be found with a google search. Why not book your stay at the end of the lesson? A good opportunity to practice the phrase ‘in your dreams’!

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