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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Handwriting v. e-mail

This is not an erudite debate about the evils of modern communication.  It’s just an unassuming item which would be perfect for reviewing vocabulary and passive/active forms, possibly as a … Continue reading

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Employee induction

Creativity and business English sometimes find it difficult to get along.  That’s a pity because they do a lot of their best work when they’re together.  However, there are ways … Continue reading

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Do you make a difference?

We’re into the last, long stretch before the summer holidays now.  Those of us who work in school settings will be enjoying a well-earned break, while the rest of us … Continue reading

08/04/2012 · 2 Comments

Sous-vide steak slideshow lesson

Here in France any food-related topic can generally be relied upon to kick-start conversation – even with people who seem determined to have no opinions.  This is therefore an item … Continue reading

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Cooking up the ‘cloud’ kitchen…

Every year since the fifties, the ideal home exhibition or some other technology showcase has announced that at some point in the near future food preparation will be revolutionised. These … Continue reading

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