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Sous-vide steak slideshow lesson

Here in France any food-related topic can generally be relied upon to kick-start conversation – even with people who seem determined to have no opinions.  This is therefore an item which I can see myself using until the Guardian removes it from circulation.

Like the ‘Paris by night’ slideshow, this series of photographs can be used to practice all kinds of structures. First of all, take a look and decide for yourself whether you will be attempting this Blumenthal-esque preparation method for yourself. Click here to see the slideshow

Vocabulary revision

First of all, any ‘how to’ article is perfect for sequencing language.  Another opportunity to train my people away from saying ‘in a first time’…

There is a little kitchen vocabulary in the pictures & captions.  This could be expanded by discussing the methods and equipment favoured by your students when preparing a steak sandwich.

While we’re on the subject of meat, how often do we eat it?  Adverbs of frequency may be old news to nearly everybody I see for lessons, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always happy about placing them in sentences.  It pays to practice them often.

Tenses revision

Have you ever eaten or cooked a ‘sous vide’ dish?

Would you ever?

Do you know anyone who has?

Would you change your menu choices when ordering in a retaurant, based on preparation information?  (Not just ‘sous vide’ here – microwaves, frying, deep frying, barbecuing, freezing… a while back, irradiated food was the talk of the town…)

Do you think that methods of food preparation and storage have really changed over the last 50 years?  In what way?  What do you use in your kitchen that your grandmother/father didn’t have?

For keen cooks

If by any chance your students are keen cooks, what other food could be cooked, or partly prepared, using the ‘sous vide’ method …

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