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Bridging the digital divide

Following up on Monday’s theme of influential youngsters, this little story will inspire, I’m sure.  It’s a two-and-a-half minute video about a project in Canada where youngsters teach geriatric patients about new technology.  Having access to e-mail, skype, and wikipedia has obvious benefits for the elderly patients who take part, but there are some unexpected gains in insight and experience for the teens who participate.  Watch, and see ….


Sorry, no embedded video when it’s the bbc!

I have every intention of using this when I go back to work after the break, but I’m afraid that I’m too lazy to tell you about it right now, and I’m sure you’re too busy with your sun tan lotion to care.  Have fun!


About Catherine Kennedy

Second year undergrad (super-mature) at Sheffield Uni doing single honours Religion, Theology, and the Bible. (Formerly TEFL teacher in France)

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