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‘I voted’?

Frank Zappa tried and failed to get the youth of America to go out and vote against republican Ronald Reagan… but maybe Facebook will succeed in getting a generation of youngsters to vote.  In facebook’s favour here, they aren’t supporting anybody in particular, but participating in some academic research.  This involved supplying an app which allowed people to let their facebook friends know that they voted  (or let them know that they didn’t by omission … whatever you do with this kind of thing, you’re always telling someone something)

Anyway, this is an article which I am sure that my students will enjoy discussing.  Another which you might like to try is from the Guardian, about a move to set up ‘economic enclaves’ in Honduras, modeled on Dubai or Hong Kong.  Unsurprisingly there is quite a lot of opposition … here in France everyone has a view on chinese moves to buy up large tracts of Africa – what will they have to say about american moves to do the same?  You’ll find both links below.

Before you start wonderning how you’re going to make these internet articles presentable for the photocopier, I would like to remind you about ‘Evernote’(No.  I am not on their payroll!) If you download Evernote, and then install the web capture extension – both absolutely free – you’ll be able to harvest such material at the click of a mouse …. and it usually comes out beautifully presented, saving me no end of time.  Just thought I’d mention it.


Facebook article link

Honduras article  link


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Second year undergrad (super-mature) at Sheffield Uni doing single honours Religion, Theology, and the Bible. (Formerly TEFL teacher in France)

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