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Supplementing the gallery experience …

Check out this fascinating video from TED, for art lovers and techies alike. For students who are having trouble with the pace of the commentary, you can go to TED directly, here, and switch on the subtitles ….. in English. And don’t forget TED’s excellent interactive transcript function, which allows you to click on the sentence you want to hear, and play it directly – no messing around with the progression bar!

If you have internet access in your teaching venue, perhaps your students could visit the google site and discuss which works of art they might like to put into their collections – or why they don’t want to make one.  On a practical level, could this service help to plan holidays or mini breaks?  No more wading through guidebooks in order to know where the interesting museums are?  Here in France google is widely vilified in the media as plotting to impose american culture on the whole world through a campaign of stealth privatisation.  It might be interesting to revisit that perception in the light of this project.  Fascinating discussion, whichever side of the fence people decide they are on ….


About Catherine Kennedy

Second year undergrad (super-mature) at Sheffield Uni doing single honours Religion, Theology, and the Bible. (Formerly TEFL teacher in France)

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