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Saying the right thing

Not making an arse of oneself is a bread-and-butter issue for learners of any language.  However there is more to this topic than merely correcting vocabulary, and the meatier question … Continue reading

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Everything you ever wanted to know …

It goes with the territory, but I love anything about languages.  It just so happens that Jeff Haden who writes for ‘inc magazine’ also finds them fascinating, and has produced … Continue reading

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Supplementing the gallery experience …

Check out this fascinating video from TED, for art lovers and techies alike. For students who are having trouble with the pace of the commentary, you can go to TED … Continue reading

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‘I voted’?

Frank Zappa tried and failed to get the youth of America to go out and vote against republican Ronald Reagan… but maybe Facebook will succeed in getting a generation of … Continue reading

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Solar trees?

The ‘Daily Good’ has come up trumps again – Pure gold, ladies and gentlemen.  For sheer entertainment, I invite you to have a look at the items on this project.  … Continue reading

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Words, words, words …..

Words are so fascinating.  Where they come from, their different meanings, their different uses … If you’re teaching a language and you don’t find words to be really fun, then … Continue reading

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Bridging the digital divide

Following up on Monday’s theme of influential youngsters, this little story will inspire, I’m sure.  It’s a two-and-a-half minute video about a project in Canada where youngsters teach geriatric patients … Continue reading

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Sleeping our way to the top

It’s not what you think!  Or maybe it is, because you’ve come across this talk by Arianna Huffington for yourself.  Extremely witty, articulate, and with diction to die for, I … Continue reading

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Edible packaging

Some clever group of food scientists has really come up with a way of packaging food in a membrane you can eat.  (Can, or could?  Perhaps my use of modal … Continue reading

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TED you can use in class

You’ll be pleased to know that while I was rooting around in TED I found some stuff you could actually use at work.  (The piece on philosophy in prison may … Continue reading

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