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Better business writing – the executive summary

Getting adult learners to write can be a bit of a challenge. Let’s face it, they have all kinds of hangups from school. Getting them to face those demons and … Continue reading

06/12/2014 · 4 Comments

7 Obsessions – a business listening lesson

This is a great little video for business learners.  The pace is challenging, but with the comprehension worksheet and information exchange provided, it will be accessible to students with an … Continue reading

26/11/2014 · 1 Comment

Negotiating a raise … in a fun way

Those of us who work freelance encounter this topic for ourselves first hand.  Our students do too of course, and many have more room for manoeuver when it comes to … Continue reading

17/11/2014 · 6 Comments

Saying the right thing

Not making an arse of oneself is a bread-and-butter issue for learners of any language.  However there is more to this topic than merely correcting vocabulary, and the meatier question … Continue reading

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Edible packaging

Some clever group of food scientists has really come up with a way of packaging food in a membrane you can eat.  (Can, or could?  Perhaps my use of modal … Continue reading

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Sometimes it’s fun to have a really good debate in class – you know, the sort where people throw caution to the winds and expound at length on subjects about … Continue reading

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Employee induction

Creativity and business English sometimes find it difficult to get along.  That’s a pity because they do a lot of their best work when they’re together.  However, there are ways … Continue reading

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Cooking up the ‘cloud’ kitchen…

Every year since the fifties, the ideal home exhibition or some other technology showcase has announced that at some point in the near future food preparation will be revolutionised. These … Continue reading

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The benefits of being bilingual

My thanks to Sandy Millin of Almost Infinite TEFL ideas (see link in the blogroll way down at the bottom of the page) for inadvertently finding a wonderful article for … Continue reading

29/03/2012 · 2 Comments

Entrepreneurship in Africa – old cars into condom machines….

A recent post on this site provided some lesson materials on the subject of managing change.  It was a ‘classic’ scenario – a well-introduced white urban professional, and an established … Continue reading

27/03/2012 · 5 Comments