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Better business writing – the executive summary

Getting adult learners to write can be a bit of a challenge. Let’s face it, they have all kinds of hangups from school. Getting them to face those demons and … Continue reading

06/12/2014 · 4 Comments

Saying the right thing

Not making an arse of oneself is a bread-and-butter issue for learners of any language.  However there is more to this topic than merely correcting vocabulary, and the meatier question … Continue reading

07/11/2014 · Leave a comment

Handwriting v. e-mail

This is not an erudite debate about the evils of modern communication.  It’s just an unassuming item which would be perfect for reviewing vocabulary and passive/active forms, possibly as a … Continue reading

22/04/2012 · 2 Comments

The benefits of being bilingual

My thanks to Sandy Millin of Almost Infinite TEFL ideas (see link in the blogroll way down at the bottom of the page) for inadvertently finding a wonderful article for … Continue reading

29/03/2012 · 2 Comments

Managing change – video comprehension

‘Inc’ magazine is a really great souce of information about business. There are many short web-type articles as well as much longer features of the kind we’re more used to … Continue reading

25/03/2012 · 2 Comments

How has the world changed?

‘How the world has changed’ is a common element in revision of the present perfect.  Unfortunately, many people find it very difficult to jump into a lesson on that theme.  … Continue reading

11/03/2012 · 4 Comments

Quick grammar revision – a little light U-tube

I just have to teach a lesson using these clips.  In fact, they are funny enough to make even a simple story-telling exercise acceptable.  In the first clip, a young … Continue reading

03/03/2012 · 2 Comments