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Cool tools for vocab

Words.  Can’t get around to learning them, can’t talk without them.  As Ron Weasley would say ‘Dead annoying, really’.  Learners have to make an effort to learn words, which means … Continue reading

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Negotiating a raise … in a fun way

Those of us who work freelance encounter this topic for ourselves first hand.  Our students do too of course, and many have more room for manoeuver when it comes to … Continue reading

17/11/2014 · 6 Comments

Saying the right thing

Not making an arse of oneself is a bread-and-butter issue for learners of any language.  However there is more to this topic than merely correcting vocabulary, and the meatier question … Continue reading

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Solar trees?

The ‘Daily Good’ has come up trumps again – Pure gold, ladies and gentlemen.  For sheer entertainment, I invite you to have a look at the items on this project.  … Continue reading

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Words, words, words …..

Words are so fascinating.  Where they come from, their different meanings, their different uses … If you’re teaching a language and you don’t find words to be really fun, then … Continue reading

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Handwriting v. e-mail

This is not an erudite debate about the evils of modern communication.  It’s just an unassuming item which would be perfect for reviewing vocabulary and passive/active forms, possibly as a … Continue reading

22/04/2012 · 2 Comments

Sous-vide steak slideshow lesson

Here in France any food-related topic can generally be relied upon to kick-start conversation – even with people who seem determined to have no opinions.  This is therefore an item … Continue reading

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Cooking up the ‘cloud’ kitchen…

Every year since the fifties, the ideal home exhibition or some other technology showcase has announced that at some point in the near future food preparation will be revolutionised. These … Continue reading

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Managing change – video comprehension

‘Inc’ magazine is a really great souce of information about business. There are many short web-type articles as well as much longer features of the kind we’re more used to … Continue reading

25/03/2012 · 2 Comments

Mindmapping – get tooled up

I don’t know about you, but I love mind maps.  They appeal to my sense of aesthetics, and make learning stuff more enjoyable than would otherwise be the case.   Because … Continue reading

17/03/2012 · 5 Comments